Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fishing expedition

It's too hard to keep a straight face. The question is whether to laugh or cry though.

Question: what's serious crime?

Answer: well, you know, murder, money laundering, fishing for trout with a line left unattended in the water, depositing controlled waste without a licence.
Question: so we shouldn't do that?

Answer: no, because otherwise a judge, sitting without a jury, might make an order which, if breached, would put you in prison for five years. Oh, and you don't have to do anything, you just have to conduct yourself in a way that was likely to make it easier for someone to commit a serious offence, whether or not it was committed.

More seriously, it seems to me that the UK government has jettisoned all principles of English law, leaving executive diktat behind. What price an elective dictatorship?


Yorkshireminer said...

This makes me more and more certain that this Government is expecting very very serious civil unrest in the next couple of years. Couple this with the “The Civil Contingencies Bill” and you have the perfect mix for establishing a totalitarian state. It is very very frightening. I have been telling my friends that I expect a world war to break out before 2,010. If it does, only Draconian act such as these which have been put in place quietly and by stealth will be able to prevent a melt down of our so called Multicultural society. It does not make me sleep more soundly, it frightens me. We dismantled our coal industry during the 80s and squandered our gas and oil and have put ourselves at the mercy of a set of fanatical religious middle eastern oil barons. A straight jacket we have made for ourselves because of our almost slavish following of the dictate of market forces. Because of this we the west have not given ourselves room to maneuver. We can only play the hand we have dealt ourselves, and a bad hand it is too. We have literally all the power in the world to destroy islam and the middle east but we can't do a thing because they have there hand on our economic jugular vein oil. A war in the middle east would be catastrophic for the world economy. Even a small nuclear exchange, just one bomb would send the price of oil to over $200 dollars a barrel, perhaps $300 and put the world economy into an economic tailspin it would take decades to recover from. Things are very very serious. America has just dispatched the atomic aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan to the Middle east. There are two American carrier forces there already. Each carrier force has more destructive power than was unleashed in World War II, that is taking overkill to the extreme, but it does show how seriously America is taking the problem. They have the military might to solve the problem but there dependence on middle eastern oil renders them impotent. We see them running around like chickens without heads making pleasant noises and trying to get talks going that they know will fail. The Americans themselves are also preparing for the inevitable. Haliburton has just been given a contract of $500,000,000 million dollars to build internment camps, It doesn't specify where but my guess is that barb wire compounds will soon be spring up in some of the more isolated areas in the U.S.A. Did you know that the British army has raised its recruiting age to 35, and that the Government has issued a contract for 12,000 special body bags for victims of an ABC attack Atomic Bacteriological and Chemical.
Like you, I rail against Islam, but sometimes it seem to me the ranting of the Mullahs are like frightened people shouting in the dark to keep there spirits up. History has shown that religion is de-fanged by the relentless rise of industrialization. The problem is that the tenets of Islam are set in stone it cannot adapt the way Christianity adapted. The steam engine did more to curb the power of the Catholic church than all the religious wars through the centuries, it was slower but more certain. Science and technology will do the same to Islam. It will either breakdown like the soviet union destroyed by its own internal contradictions, and inability to adjust, and go out with a whimper, or destroy itself in a fratricidal orgy of self destruction like the French revolution. I personally suspect that it will be the second case. We are seeing the slow built up of tensions that preceded both World War I and World War II. whether it will start by some insignificant fanatic shooting a bullet into some Head of State or as in World War II finally realizing that if don't destroy them they will destroy us. To me a World War is inevitable, and this is only a personal view I think it will start with Israel, when Israel like the British in the second world war realize that it has to fight or be exterminated. The pieces are being put in place on the board and America and the West does not have the will to checkmate them because of our dependence on oil and the melt down of our economies.
I will have to write a few more comment as I enjoy you blogg immensely and it must be very discouraging not to get many comment. By the way check out the concept of Peak Oil. Try and tie it in with what I have written above and things get even more frightening.

Deep Regards

Yorkshire Miner

Canker said...

I am, as always, grateful for the interest and the interesting comment.

You have mentioned before that you see this creeping control freakery as possibly a planned preparation for worse to come. My worst fear is that that is not so and we lose our liberty piecemeal to `well-meaning' bureaucratic politicians.

I agree with you about the threat from Islamists. If Western civilisation decided to defend itself properly then, with the exception of Pakistan (a nuclear power) we could deal with them all very quickly (although with some cost). It's staying in there and trying to manage the peace that really takes the effort and manpower.

The point is that the West still lacks the will to do it. That could change very quickly and if it happens as a result of some major outrage the result could be very nasty.