Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Damage to Stonehenge caused by careless party-goers

Damage is substantial
In shocking news, archaeologists have revealed that most of the damage to Stonehenge was caused by Neolithic party-goers.

Professor Jethro Landcruiser, of the University of Yorick's Department of New Age Archaeology and Arachnophobia, claims to have discovered an enormous party site nearby and is convinced that remains at Stonehenge itself (such as discarded beer-barrels, ox ribs, large numbers of smashed bottles and the broken remains of several drum-kits) suggest that the party-goers `trashed Stonehenge in a drunken stupor'.

`It's clear', says Prof. Landcruiser,` that these Neolithic inhabitants were not primitive cavemen, indeed they were very well dressed and may well have worn Lycra to cycle the 240 miles from Salisbury Plain to the quarry in Wales's Preseli Mountains which produced the stone slabs used to build Stonehenge.'

When asked about the sort of music played at this early rave, Prof. Landcruiser refused to speculate, but did suggest that `rock was a distinct possibility'.

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