Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's a nuclear world, my masters

It's not often that I read the Daily Kos - I have sources much closer to home for mouth-frothing, venom and bile-but I was pointed by the Jewish World Review (or Political Mavens, to be more precise) to this article by heathlander.
Here's a key quotation:
In reality, the only ‘evidence’ used to suggest that Iran would use a nuclear weapon is a few statements by President Ahmadinejad to the effect that the ‘Zionist regime’ will be destroyed.

I leave it to others more eloquent and informed than me to rebut this idiocy, but let me briefly say that, from everything I've heard, whilst Ahmadinejad is not in full control of Iran (or indeed himself), he most certainly represents its most dominant clerics.

When heathlander says
"The standard of evidence required is especially high because the idea that Iran would use a nuclear weapon against another nuclear state is so counter-intuitive; states don’t commit suicide",

I reflect that Islamists (such as Ahmadinejad) need only believe sufficiently fervently in their reward in the next world to commit actions in this one which to a rationalist Kos-hack appear unthinkable in prospect and incredible in retrospect.

Oh, by the way. The Kos article is entitled "Iran Has A Right To Attack Israel"

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