Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dog ownerships shows dramatic fall

In unsubstantiated speculation a recent study people who haven''t read How To Lie With Statistics statisticians who read the newspapers have revealed that for the first time since records began, dog ownership has fallen below 50% in the UK.

Let me put that another way:
isn't it weird that more people don't have a dog than do?

Some follow-up analysis by pettifogging bastards with too much time on their hands and the bad-taste to ruin a good story some other people revealed that this was true only if you included in the count (of potential dog-owners in the UK) infants, toddlers, those who died within the last decade, hobbits and the population of mainland China . These bastards The other people also pointed out that the original survey only included whippets, pit bulls and dogs with three or less legs.

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