Sunday, December 10, 2006

Curd Cheese (Restriction on Placing on the Market) Regulations 2006 - a very unassuming name for tyranny

Having thought I wouldn't, I'm posting the link to Booker's article on this disgusting performance by the EU and the UK. It revolts me.
Here's the end of the article:

Never before, it is believed, has a statutory instrument been issued in Britain directed at closing down a single named company (breaching the ancient principle of British law that "the law must be blind", i.e. it must be general in application, not directed at any specific individual or body).

When Lord Willoughby de Broke recounted this chilling story last week, eloquently supported by others, including Lord Greaves, a Lib Dem who lives near Mr Wright's plant, peers were visibly horrified. The only defence that Lord Warner, as junior health minister, could muster (apart from seriously misrepresenting the terms of Vesterdorf's judgment) was to plead that failure to implement the commission's decision "would constitute a serious breach of the UK's obligations under the EC Treaty". For truth, justice, the rule of law and Britain it was a black day.

I append a link to the 6 December House of Lords debate: here, and a link to the entry in Hansard (7 Nov.): here. Here's the deeply midleading press statement from the EU>

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Yorkshireminer said...

This is just one more reason why Britain should get out of the E.U. If any of the members of parliment had read any history they would have discovered that, when a major power controls the Sheld Estuary Britain was in danger, it went for the Spanish Napolean and Hitler and the same holds for this fascist set of chumps. Most people are now so ignorant of there History that they do not know that a westerly wind was called a protestant wind because it prevented any foreign fleet sheltering in the Sheld from leaving to attack the British Isles. A good westerly was the best defence for Britain in the age of sailing ships. A good blast out of the westminster against this idiocy would do us a world of good