Sunday, January 21, 2007

I wish our troops were...Estonian

As EU Referendum has it:
In today's Sunday Telegraph, Sean Rayment reports an officer in Afghanistan complaining that troops from Estonia … who were working alongside the Royal Marines were better equipped and had more reliable armoured vehicles than did British troops.

Er… would that be because the Estonians are operating ex-British Mambas, as reported by this blog on 8 January and The Booker column last week?

It would be too much to ask Rayment to read this blog but one might have thought that, at the every least, he could read his own newspaper – from which he might have learnt something.


mina said...

Estonian army uses finnish PASI (Sisu XA-180) APCs.

Canker said...

I'm sure you're right and I am no expert, but according to (the blog) EU Referendum, the Estonian Army acquired nine of the Mamba APCs from the MoD for £44,000. The links are in my post.