Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Labouring under a misapprehension?

It seems that I am by no means the only cynic about Labour's sudden concern for the Union . There is a nice post at Dodgeblogium by G Fawkes (he of Guido Fawkes fame?) which covers some historical context for the Act of Union as well as more recent hyper-gerrymandering by New Labour. Here's the peroration:
Now Mr Brown says he will not agree to the English having a Parliament of their own. Of course not, because Labour would be the minority party in it - and it would deprive him and the other seventy odd Scottish MP’s of their power to dominate the English. Such a shame the English saw through his Party’s crooked attempt as splitting us into “Regions” each with an Assembly. A really interesting piece of gerrymandering that would be - since it would give Labour control in four of the eight, with the LibDems in control in one, the Conservatives three and Red Ken in control of the London Region. Real jobs for the boys stuff!

Oh, but we already have Regional Boards don’t we. I wonder who elected their membership? Or actually asked if we wanted them? Surely not that nice Mr Brown, the Defender of the Union?

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