Thursday, January 25, 2007

This will never do!

There seems to be a rash of modern iconoclasm at the moment. Multiculturalism attacked, the Pope repeating criticism of Islam and now some absolute bastards have made a film that is negative about environmental campaigners. It really is beyond the pale!

The film is Mine Your Own Business.

In Mine Your Own Business, McAleer -- described by the Wall Street Journal as "Michael Moore..[but] without the smug liberal hypocrisy” -- travels the world as he investigates the consequences of environmental movements for poor communities in Europe, Africa and South America. On his journey he meets Gheorghe Lucian, an unemployed miner from a small village in Romania that has been gripped by poverty and unemployment ever since a government-owned mine shut down. The film shows how some environmentalists will stop at nothing to block construction of a new mine– a mine that will bring jobs, better living conditions, and an overall better live to Gheorghe and his family.

Mine Your Own Business also examines other anti-development movements by environmental extremists to block mine construction in Madagascar and Chile. Gheorghe and Phelim travel to these impoverished communities, and along the way meet people who are desperately waiting for these large mining projects that they know will bring a decent job, a house and an education and better life for their children – only to be stymied by outside activists who claim they know what’s best.

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