Monday, January 15, 2007

An analysis of Bush's Iraq speech

It's taken me a while to link to this; partly because I've been trying to digest it. `This' is a savage and deeply informed post on Bush's speech by Freedom Fighter at JOSHUAPUNDIT. Here are two quotations which give a quick feel for what Freedom Fighter has to say:

`my emotions quickly went from skepticism to open mouthed disbelief and progressed to feelings that required me to take some time to relax a bit'

`speaking of Iran - they've been committing acts of war against us and killing our men for almost thirty years now, and we've known about their nuclear weapons program now for over 3 years. If anything is `emboldening Iran', it's the Bush Administration's lack of a forceful response.'

It's taken time because my heart says one thing: go with supporting democracy in Iraq, give whatever it takes because, in the long run, it'll be worth it in terms of the fight against Islamism: establishing a functioning Islamic democracy in the heart of the Middle East and benefitting both Western civilization and the vast majority of Iraqis;
and my head says another: the only part of Iraq which stands any chance of achieving this is the Kurdish part; supporting the Kurds as a separate entity is the only way to hold off Iran's militant and aggressive aims in Iraq and the mullocracy will not tolerate a multi-sectarian democracy on their border.

Give you three guesses which part of me is in agreement with JOSHUAPUNDIT!

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