Monday, November 06, 2006

Hate crime and WMD

From Kobayashi Maru,

...the crowd sat stunned as General Sada explained in detail how Saddam moved tons of WMDs out of Iraq into Syria... [CNN] had General Sada translate 20 hours of "Saddam tapes," wherein the erstwhile dictator discusses these matters openly (in Tikriti dialect). But the network's loathing of George Bush caused them to completely spike the story...

One can either believe Sada--a close-in, firsthand Tikriti dialect-speaking observer and trusted confidante of Saddam Hussein himself--or one can believe CNN and the MSM reporting from their hotel rooms in Baghdad.

It's all about hate. The comment from Maxed Out Mama shows substantial appreciation of what's going on: "what Benedict XVI was trying to tell us in his Regensburg speech. Real faith and real reason must coexist; if we dump the reason we will have a heedless faith which will turn into fanaticism. He trusts to reason and the grace of God to support faith."

This applies to political faith as well (even more?). I've mentioned it allusively in a few of my posts. But, unless we get the basic respect for truth right (Prudence, to give it its proper name as the first of the cardinal virtues), we (Western civilization) are not going to survive.
At bottom, I think this is why so many hate their politicians-it's not just that they don't respect them, it's that even as they vote for them the electors know they are being misled about reality, and that is really galling.

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