Thursday, October 26, 2006

The atheist church militant

Reading stuff from One Cosmos, I came across this post. Atheism is so banal. As the Pope was trying to say, it's only the theists who've given humanity the idea of rationality and predictability at all. Without this, the atheists are left confronting the abyss. But, being atheists, they simply say that the abyss is something we're not allowed to think about. Richard Dawkins (a pet hate of mine, since most UK journalists seem to think he has divine attributes) does this particularly well.

Somehow the post at One Cosmos also made me think of this one of mine.
Sometimes I think that the most destructive people are those who feel vaguely self-satisfied.
Is this why the classical "guilty protestant" has achieved so much?


Simon said...

I just think Christian belief is sheer nonesense. Just because you can't handle reality doesn't mean we should accept fantasy, does it?

Canker said...

I absolutely agree with your premise, but the conclusion does not follow. In fact, your conclusion (which you placed before the premise) is not a conclusion, but rather a statement of belief.

Just keep drilling down through that thing which you're referring to as reality and you'll start to realise how incredibly insubstantial it is.
We've been conned for the past 200 odd years into thinking that (to misquote Wittgenstein) "whereof empirical science cannot speak, thereof we must remain silent", and it's bunkum.
Whereof empirical science cannot speak, therein lies most of the substance of our existence.