Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bye bye, Scotland?

Why is it that no-one in the blogosphere is commenting on this stuff? We have Gordon wetting himself that his power base is going to disappear and Blair fearing a `constitutional nightmare' and the MSM seem to be regarding it as a minor blip, while, as I said, places like Samizdata and EU Referendum ignore it completely.
Am I missing something?
Here's some of what Blair had to say;

The prime minister warned against a "constitutional nightmare" where the UK turns in on itself.

He stressed that the choice in next May's election would be between a Labour government or an SNP one which plans to introduce an independence bill within 100 days.

Mr Blair told party members: "Already they are publishing plans for separation - separate currency, separate pensions and social security systems, leaving Nato."

He went on: "The fact they are saying it and with utter precision shows they are deadly serious and would do it."

Brown said

... that everyone in the United Kingdom would suffer economically and culturally if Scotland voted for independence.

He also said:

"The Conservatives don't care about the union and about Britain. They are fighting [on] a policy of English votes for English laws."

and that's the source of it all, isn't it?

Labour's support is city and Scotland-based. If the Scots took their ball away, the Tories might have the electoral leeway to retreat from some of David Webcam's loonier green proposals and send Polly Toynbee back to the Guardian and win an enormous majority in the House of Commons.
Frightening stuff for Gordon and Tony. Maybe not so frightening for the English?

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