Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Darfur? Where's Darfur?

JOSHUAPUNDIT has an important new post on the sickening and under-reported genocide in Darfur: it seems that the president of Sudan is now denying that there's any problem and simultaneously blaming it on the Jews!
Remember when the UN's Kofi Annan was preening himself a little while ago over a supposed agreement with Sudan's jihadi government to accept a UN/ African Union force to protect Darfur's civilians from genocide?

Well, it seems that's Mr. Annan's self-congratulation was a mite premature. Al-Reuters reports today that not only isn't the President al-Bashir going to allow any UN or AU troops in, but now he denies there's any problem!

What's more, Darfur is just a Zionist Conspiracy anyway.

Read the rest. Please.

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