Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Military medics

Having just read the article in the December 2006 edition of National Geographic about Military Medicine, I recalled the Red and Green Life Machine of Ajax Bay.

Some people are just fantastic.


Dr D said...

I remember Rick giving a talk at the military hospital where I was a physician in the 70's.He illustrated his experiences of service in Belfast with pictures of how the IRA hid behind children and their mothers getting them to move apart for a few seconds so that they could shoot the soldiers and then reform in front of them relying on the Brits to not stoop to their level.Remind you of anyone?

Canker said...

Dr D,
It most certainly sounds very familiar.
I had no idea that it was an IRA tactic. I did know that British medics (particularly army medics) used to be some of the best in the world at dealing with gunshot trauma thanks to their experiences in Northern Ireland.

In the light of your comment, it's also interesting to think of the many people in Britain who say "we survived the IRA; why should we panic about the Islamists?".