Friday, November 24, 2006

Pearls before swine

I despair. One comes out with something with both wit and relevance and it's completely ignored!
I posted the comment below at Done with Mirrors and no one noticed!
Realpolitik works only if the other side is playing it. If the other side is a bunch of millenarian madmen it's a really bad choice.

I would add that continuing to praise, or even fund, the UN is just about as stupid - the majority of nations involved in the UN aren't just out to lunch, they've already cut the waiter's throat and are now going through the till.



reader_iam said...

Well, Canker, I essentially agreed with that comment of yours but am not really going into geopolitics much these days.

What that has to do with being swinish, or eschewing pearls, eludes me.


Canker said...

You're quite right to (gently) admonish me. I was feeling childish and peevish and inordinately pleased with my small witticism and sulky that no-one had taken it up.
My apologies.

reader_iam said...

I've done a lot of all those things myself on occasion, come to think, and so ... .

I do enjoy your visits, and I would like you to know that.

Also, I share your...well, I won't characterize you so let's start again.

It's disappointing to me, and frustrating, that the places I've blogged just aren't "commenter community" places. Various theories, and whatever, but that's the plain truth of it. That means there's really not the critical mass needed for the sort of response and interaction, much less debate, that would be a nice (and good, multiple definitions) addition.

Just the reality: I might not like that fact, but there it is.

That said, I'm sorry that by not responding, I made you feel slighted.


Btw, I am speaking strictly for myself. That's not to say that my bloghost wouldn't agree with what I said, or that he would. It's to say that I speak for myself.

Canker said...

Thanks very much for the kind words.
I was childishly enthused about a witticism which I thought had the essential grain of truth and got a little carried away. The fact that nobody paid any attention was probably a good thing.

I should also explain that (possibly in distinction to the USA) muttering `pearls before swine, pearls before swine' in academia in the UK (the circles in which I, regrettably, spend most of my time) is taken as self-parody rather than a cry of outrage.