Saturday, November 18, 2006


It's so good to hear about someone as reliable as Kofi Annan and Jan Egeland, isn't it?
`The Sudanese government together with the Janjaweed militia have launched new attacks in northern Darfur, the African Union (AU) has said.

The AU said the ground and air offensive was a flagrant violation of security agreements.

It said there had been a heavy toll on a civilian population. Rebels in the area said 70 people had died.

Earlier, Sudan welcomed the UN's support for AU peacekeepers in Darfur but denied the UN will take command...
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said on Thursday after talks on Darfur in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, that a compromise had been reached for a hybrid UN-AU force in Sudan's western region. ..

UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland has cut short his trip to Darfur after Sudan's government told him it would be too dangerous for him to travel outside the region's major towns.

Mr Egeland said on Saturday the international community should not drag its heals over implementing the Darfur deal, warning that more people would die in the region.

He said that leaders "from all over the world... swore to protect civilian populations. We have a responsibility to protect. We are not living up to that responsibility in Darfur today.

"I met... yesterday women [in Darfur] who were pleading for security, who said we are abused, we are raped, we are attacked and nobody seems to want to protect us," Mr Egeland said.'

Many of us care about Darfur. The hated USA has been saying for years that genocide is being committed there. But now Kofi and Jan have really got it all together. There will be no more problems. Just like Rwanda. And Somalia. And Serbia. And Lebanon. And Bosnia. And the Congo.


Freedom Fighter said...

Here's a fascinating the Left and the UN's obsession with the Israel and the Jews with its inaction on the REAL genocide in Darfur!

One wonders where the dinosaur media has gone to..could it be that Gaza, Judea and Samaria are just so much more newsworthy and there's no cameramen or reporters left for Darfur?

And where are all the protestors? Did they just get too tied up talking about Gaza and the Israel/Hezbollah war in Lebanon that they simply have no time left for an Islamic run genocide?

The term racist hypocrites unfortunately does come to mind...

Best Regards

Canker said...

Freedom Fighter,
At the risk of being boring, I couldn't agree more. The MSM's view seems to be that what happens in those portions of the Middle East is disgusting, disproportionate, genocidal aggression (entirely by Israel, of course - despite the 10,000 Israeli civilian casualties) whereas Darfur is merely a little local difficulty until the UN (of blessed name) says otherwise.

The leftwing protestors know perfectly well that this is not a left wing issue. The people being massacred are probably Christian, for goodness sake!