Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Youngish lefty attacks ageing lefty

From the BBC, first there was this:

Earlier this week the mayor of London [Red Ken] boycotted an event organised by Mr Phillips, head of the Commission for Racial Equality, as part of an ongoing row...

He recently suggested Mr Phillips, who said that the term multiculturalism implied "separateness" and should be dropped, had "gone so far over to the other side that I expect soon he'll be joining the BNP".

Then, there was this:

On Wednesday, in a speech to the Ethnic Media conference, Mr Cameron said "any serious conversation" about racism must move beyond "old Marxist clich├ęs".
Mr Cameron said: "Insulting Trevor by saying he should join the BNP isn't a serious contribution to debate.
It's a discreditable attempt by an ageing far left politician to hang on to a narrative about race that sees people from ethnic minorities as potential agents of revolutionary change."

It's a classic dominance display. David Attenborough would be proud of him. I particularly liked "isn't a serious contribution to debate". I sincerely doubt whether David Webcam would recognise either a `serious contribution' or a `debate' if it turned 'round and bit him.

Where this all leaves `Trevor' is not quite clear.

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