Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lebanon explained

The BBC, don't you just love it? Here it is "explaining the Lebanese crisis":
In 1982 Iran created Hezbollah, the Party of God, which has evolved into a major player in Lebanese politics and an important ally of Iran and Syria.

And we're supposed to take this with equanimity. One of the nastiest terrorist organisations in existence, with Nazi salutes, thousands of rockets and a policy of hiding behind and dressing as civilians whilst attacking civilian targets in Israel, and all the BBC can say is that it's a "major player" and "important ally" (not even the notorious "militant" description is used). Still, I suppose that the admitted links with Iran and Syria do at least show how unutterably stupid is Tony Blair's idea of co-opting them to help reach a peaceful settlement in Iraq.

Not to worry, after Iran has nuked Israel at least we'll have been helped to reach a decision on replacing Trident. That prime anti-Semite, Beatrice Webb, would have been proud of Tony for that.

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