Thursday, November 09, 2006

Argentina hosts Zionist plot (again)!

First it was pretending that Joseph Mengele was there, now they're trying to frame the poor Iranians!

It's clear that Perron's aid to the escaping Nazis was simply a Zionist ruse.

This sort of stuff is merely a front:
Argentine researcher Uki Goñi used new access to the country's archives to show that Argentine diplomats and intelligence officers had, on Peron's instructions, vigorously encouraged Nazi and Fascist war criminals to make their home in Argentina...

Actually, as Iran tells us, the issue of an arrest warrant for President Rafsanjani for the bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish centre is the culmination of these semitic plots.

They think we're soooo stupid. And then 1 in 50 Americans believe they've been abducted by aliens and 87% of Europeans thought in 2003 that the USA was the greatest threat to world peace, so maybe they're right

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