Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea: the Beeb says it's all our fault

This is what a background article on the BBC website has to say:

"Existing sanctions against North Korea have already taken their toll on the country's economy.

In many rural areas, daily life is a basic struggle for enough to eat.

The World Food Programme estimates more than a third of the country's children are chronically malnourished.

The economy is clearly in crisis.

North Korea simply cannot produce enough food to feed its population. And at the same time, it is seeing exports dwindle.

Japan used to be an important market for fish and textiles, but Tokyo's latest sanctions have ended that."

What a wonderful twist. Nothing about the 500,000 tons of food aid from the US, no comment about exporting fish, nothing about the disastrous command economy, nothing about the diversion of food to the military (over 1.1 million active soldiers in a population of roughly 23 million and costing 22.9% 0f GDP). No, as usual, it's America and the West's fault.

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