Saturday, October 14, 2006

Non-PC PC?

Having been reading the Policeman's Blog for a while, I'm delighted to see this article in the online Daily Mail by PC David Copperfield:

Policeman's blog lifts lid on diversity madness

I'm not sure I thought it was going to be quite that exciting or glamorous when I joined up, but I certainly had visions of nicking lots of criminals and keeping the streets safe.

It turns out, it isn't quite like that. The signs were there on my first day at training school. I joined the job in my late 20s, a graduate and a married man with a mortgage to pay and several years working in industry behind me.

Three days later, we were still talking about prejudice and discrimination; burglars had to wait while we set about changing the racist, homophobic and male-dominated world in which we lived.

It's well-worth a read.

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