Friday, October 20, 2006

France - feckless and reckless

I assume that you know about l'affaire Al Durah,
well now any residual faith in the French system is shattered -

Against the advice of the floor [i.e., the Procureur] who recommended dropping the charges, the judges condemned Philippe Karsenty, the animator of the websit Media Ratings ( for “public defamation” of Charles Enderlin and France2.

I still find this hard to credit (even from a country that bombed the Rainbow Warrior, sold exocets to the Argentinian junta, armed Saddam Hussein, and instituted the reign of Terror .
"The fact that France2 offered no defense other than that they are honorable reporters and offered no witnesses or evidence means that the fix was in even before the trial. Whether the French court feared Muslim reaction, or responded to outright bribery or the power of the media, the court has failed and shown itself to be feckless, as well as reckless."

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