Friday, October 27, 2006

Gyurscany - is it an anagram?

Events in Hungary seem rather under-reported here:

Around 100 people were hospitalised after Monday's violence which began when police moved to evict a protest camp from outside parliament in central Budapest.

It turned into a 12-hour street battle between police and thousands of mostly far-right anti-government protesters...

The BBC's Nick Thorpe reports from Budapest that accusations of police brutality have been coming thick and fast.

The main opposition Fidesz party has called for the resignation of Budapest's police chief Peter Gergenyi.

He denies his men used excessive force and has been backed by the governing socialists and liberals.

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurscany has already called for an investigation, but said it needed to wait until tensions in the capital had eased.

There have been protests demanding Mr Gyurscany's resignation for nearly six weeks.

On 17 September a recording was leaked of Mr Gyurscany admitting he lied to win re-election.

He insists the protests will not affect his government and it will press ahead with economic reform measures.

`Thousands of far-right protesters' eh?An investigation when the tensions have eased? The thing is, why should anyone believe anything Gyurscany a
nd his party say? He's already proved that he can lie for Europe. Indeed, he should clearly be competing with Baron Munchausen.

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