Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Toilet-paper economics

Jeff Randall (he of the BBC bias leak) writes in the Telegraph:

An ICM poll of 1,000 UK companies shows that 52pc of chief executives think the European Union is failing; 60pc believe the UK should renegotiate its involvement in the EU to free trade only; and 54pc insist that over-regulation by the EU is outweighing "the benefits" of the single market.

Additional misery is heaped on the pro-Brussels lobby by figures which reveal that, far from being disadvantaged outside the euro-zone, the UK won more inward investment last year than any other country. Great Britain and Northern Ireland attracted $165bn from overseas, compared with the United States's $100bn and France's $40bn.

He has a way with words, does Jeff:

If anything, keeping the pound has enhanced our desirability. The idea of ramming Britain into a European super-state, via a synthetic currency, was flawed on several levels.

Politically, it ran counter to the wishes of the domestic majority; financially, it was underpinned by toilet-paper economics.

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