Thursday, October 05, 2006

A veiled threat?

Latest "have your say" question on the BBC in relation to the fuss about Jack Straw:

Do you wear a veil for religious or other reasons? What difference does seeing someone's face make to communicating with them? How would community relations be changed if full-face veils were removed?

Here's the most recommended comments:

Well done Jack Straw. There have been a number of similar, sensible suggestions coming out of the labour party over the last month or so. All seemingly coming to understand that there has been too much of this one way discrimination. If you choose to live in England then respect our laws, principles and codes of conduct. We are happy to integrate anyone who agrees to this, those who do not should reconsider whether they want to live here rather than try to change us.

Alan, Milton Keynes

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I applaud Jack Straw for being bold enough to raise this issue. Obviously in a free society such as ours, the individual should be entitled to wear what they choose. However, they should also carefully consider the implications of wearing certain types of clothing. If I walked around London in an IRA-style full face balaclava, not only would I intimidate other people but I'm sure I'd attract the attention of the police.

Michael Carter

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Motorcyclists have to remove their helmets when entering banks and other establishments, to prevent heists. What is to stop someone walking into a bank wearing a veil and holding up the bank?

I don't agree with wearing the veils and I totally agree with Jack Straws request. Muslims backed by the media once again have made a mountain out of a molehill.

All he wanted to do is have a conversation with someone he could see. Perhaps we should all wear a paper bag over our heads?

Paul Ainslie, Bolton

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YES. YES. A few may wear these outfits as a political statement, but mostly it is family/society pressure.

I spent a number of years in the Gulf in the 80s and 90s and the most noticeable thing about a flight out of there is the loos being full for the 1st hour as all the women change into "normal" clothes.

If Saudi women only wear it because they have no choice, it makes one wonder why these people don't care more about their sisters.

[holmdps], Expat, Europe

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And here are some less popular responses:

Jack Straw is the one disrupting community relations here. He shows a lack of tolerance and severe ingorance in his request.

Does he make a similar appeal towards other faiths? This is just propoganda to once again cause seperation between communties.

sairah, surrey

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From reading peoples comments, it seems to me only non-Muslim men have a problem with us wearing the veil. I wonder why that is!!!

Amreen, Nottingham

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It's quite amazing how a veil incites such anger from people who claim to have a fairer and more tolerant society than others in the world, and who embark on such noble endeavours to export this fantastic tolerance of people to those lands which are not lucky enough to have this "freedom"....such as in afghanistan, where the dreaded and archaic taleban forced women to wear such things, but here we are, freeing them ...oh, but forcing them to take it off. yes, lets show them what REAL freedom is!

parveen lane, london

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I have regarded Jack as an intellectual however his views are medival and that of a ignorant man.The veil is a symbol of womens rights and a way for muslim women to say they are independent and not opressed. In the west we talk of womens rights and womens liberty the veil is one symbol of this. This is not about intigration its about womens rights.
Perhaps jack needs to launch his deputy leadership claim in another way.


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Do the numbers mean anything?
Quite possibly.

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