Monday, October 09, 2006

Our ally

The Sunday Times has this little gem about our best friend , Pakistan

THE British general commanding Nato troops in Afghanistan is to confront Pakistan’s president over his country’s support for the Taliban.

Among the evidence amassed is the address of the Taliban’s leader in a Pakistani city.

Lieutenant-General David Richards will fly to Islamabad tomorrow to try to persuade Pervez Musharraf to rein in his military intelligence service, which Richards believes is training Taliban fighters to attack British troops. He will request that key Taliban leaders living in Pakistan be arrested.

The evidence compiled by American, Nato and Afghan intelligence includes satellite pictures and videos of training camps for Taliban soldiers and suicide bombers inside Pakistan.

You remember, the country whose president said
"You'll be brought down to your knees if Pakistan doesn't co-operate with you,"
See JOSHUAPUNDIT for all the details of that tirade.

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