Saturday, October 21, 2006

We can't be all bad...

if the glorious president of Iran feels moved to threaten us like this:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned Europe that it may pay a heavy price for its support of Israel.

"You should believe that this regime (Israel) cannot last and has no more benefit to you. What benefit have you got in supporting this regime, except the hatred of the nations?" he said in nationally broadcast speech Friday.

"We have advised the Europeans that the Americans are far away, but you are the neighbors of the nations in this region," he said.

"We inform you that the nations are like an ocean that is welling up, and if a storm begins, the dimensions will not stay limited to Palestine, and you may get hurt."

I have to say that when I look around me I can't say I see much support for Israel, but clearly I'm mistaken. The Prez is seeing lots and he doesn't like it. In fact he likes it so little he's threatening us with his medium range missiles! Perhaps he's also thinking of the ones that Russia is still helping Iran develop.

On a lighter note, do you think he was just back from the clown convention in Mexico city? The dates fit. One imagines diary entries something like this:

  • Monday-Thursday 16-19 October Clown Convention. Don't forget nose! Be yourself!
  • Friday 20 October Be back for prayers in Tehran. Threaten Europeans for talking to the Zionist entity (be subtle). Check on progress of Shahab 5. Note to self: can we fit custard pies?

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