Friday, March 02, 2007

A worthwhile rant

Apologies for the light posting. As I said before, I got carried away by commenting on post at Done With Mirrors. Let's see if I can tempt you (this is from the comments):
I am a power-mad, convert-hungry, cloak-snatching, sheep-denuding, one-person, vast, right-wing, conspiracy. I also make house-calls.

All I really want to do is to spend my waking hours watching vast lines of sweating, worshipful acolytes count my cookie-cutters, build my pyramids and stoke the flames of my wrath (think LGF’s Charles Johnson with attitude).
I have no true interest in politics beyond the pursuit of power. My long-maturing plans for world domination will shortly come to fruition, just as soon as I can convince people that `conservatism’ (or whatever else I decide is more appealing), coupled with the aim of making me world president, is the one true path.

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