Sunday, March 04, 2007

The SNP are flexing their muscles

In response to criticism of independence plans by a Scottish businessman, Alex Salmond says:
"The growing numbers in the business community who are positive about the SNP and independence shows support is gathering ground significantly.

"And poll information indicating an SNP lead among AB voters, as well as every other category, points to very substantial business support."


Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Canker,
I hope all's well.

And here I was all set to chide you because I hadn't seen anything new on site for awhile..

You have,in fact been one busy Brit.

I will be watching this particular story with interest. While I'm familair with the history and symphathize with the Scot's desire to go their own way, I can't help thinking of the Viking's ability to prey on the divided kingdoms of Britain almost at seems an inopportune time for disunion.

From England's standpoint - well, you wrote me once that were it not for Scotland, England would have had Tory governments the last few times out.

Do you see Cameron as a viable British leader yet?

BTW, Weekend Monkey's campaign for the Democratic party nomination proceeds apace..he just did a stint on Larry King Live that went quite well, I thought.

All Good Things,
Freedom Fighter

Canker said...

Freedom Fighter,
Nice to hear from you!

No, IMHO, David Cameron is definitely not (yet) a viable leader although, for want of anything better, he may well be what we get.
Certain cynical Tories of my acquaintance have suggested that his PC, Green and eco maunderings are just a front and when he's elected they will quickly disappear.
If so, this is terrible. We do not need more political dishonesty in the UK. We've had about a century's worth since New Labour was first elected in 1997.

I would much rather Weekend Monkey came over here and competed.