Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why I'm not a Tory

I may have quoted this before. If so, I don't care. If a thing's worth quoting, it's worth quoting a lot.
The quote is from the `Standpoint' section at wayofthewest: an extraordinary resource that Keith is building. There are so far twelve essays about the history of western civilization which everybody should read.
Anyway, here's the quote:

In 2000 AD Britain was not the core of an Empire, and it was a Monarchy in name only, being a crypto-republican province of the European Union. And the EU is not a Western-style constitutional polity, but a post-Enlightenment Socialist -- and therefore anti-Western -- State.

Several decades back the people of Britain were conned by their rulers, fraudulently persuaded into agreeing to a profound constitutional change: the handing over of national sovereignty to the European Union, whose remote and unelected committees now make most of the rules and regulations which increasingly and minutely constrain our lives.

The grandees of the Tory Party and the Civil Service were the agents of this demise of British sovereignty, and the consequent nationwide diminution of individual selfhood. ('Treason' is the appropriate word for this kind of action.) Their motives were manifold, but all were covert and none were admirable. With many of them it was a case of après nous le déluge -- but meanwhile the good life, as hedonistic members of a nomenklatura.

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