Sunday, March 04, 2007

Marriage and the Tory politician

Dave's wrong of course. He always is. Family breakdown is not the central factor in social breakdown in Britain. It's a symptom, not the root cause. This is not to seek to minimise the knock-on effects, but this post gives a better clue as to what is at the root of such phenomena.

Conservative leader David Cameron is expected to strongly defend marriage at the party's Welsh spring conference in Cardiff later

It is understood he will warn that family breakdown is the central factor in social breakdown in Britain.

Closing the conference, Mr Cameron will warn that 70% of young offenders are from lone-parent families.

He is planning to say that he does not care if some people say singling out marriage in this way is wrong.

Mr Cameron will say that he is not suggesting single parents do a bad job, just that "kids do best when mum and dad are both there for them".

That is not to say that there hasn't been a sustained and virulent attack on the family. After all, families are about consideration for others-a willingness to put their interests above yours. It's all so Victorian, so 1950s! Honestly, Dave. Don't be such a tired old hack.

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