Sunday, March 18, 2007

BBC continues waffling

In further coverage of the lying about the Blue Peter 'phone-in, the new Director General, Mark Thompson claimed that
there had been "serious errors of judgement", but there was no "intention to deceive".
You could have fooled me. It seems like an intent to deceive when a visitor to the programme is passed off as a 'phone-in caller.

Further lies have also been spoken in relation to another 'phone-in:

Cookery show Saturday Kitchen is also under investigation by the premium phone line regulator Icstis, following an incident last month which Mr Thompson attributed to "sloppiness".

Viewers were encouraged to call in for a chance to appear on the following week's show - even though it was being recorded minutes after the live programme went off air.

Perhaps I just don't have proper understanding of what words mean. I would have described it as `lying, but perhaps inadvertent lying'.

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