Wednesday, March 21, 2007

EU funding for Hamas to resume?

EU Referendum has an excellent post on this topic.
First the author (Dr Richard North) excoriates France:
In his latest book “Betrayal”, David Pryce-Jones, the eminent and much disliked by the FCO expert on the Middle East shows in some detail how the self-deluded French policy in that area and the Gulf has led to a completely intractable situation, not least because succeeding French politicians pressurized the EC (later EU) and other transnational organizations to recognize and give succour to the PLO (later PA) and, in particular, is monstrous leader, the late unlamented Chairman Yasser Arafat. This has led to a situation where peace in the area and freedom and prosperity for the Palestinian people have become well-nigh unattainable goals.

then he moves on to Italy:
Yesterday, Open Europe referred to an article in El Mundo [general link in Spanish supplied by OE], which seems to say that Italy intends to “break ranks” with the rest of the European Union and resume political ties with the Hamas-led Palestinian government...
the Palestinians cannot be left without aid, it is assumed, whether that aid ever reaches those who might need it or not and whether it does anything useful or not. Even if we assume that the aid reaches the Palestinians, the inevitable result will be that the Palestinian government will be relieved of its welfare responsibilities, leaving it with more money to spend on extensive military equipment and the payroll of militias. Is any of that helpful to the Palestinian people in this “delicate period”, as Foreign Affairs Commissar, Benita Ferrero-Waldner puts it?

And finally, Norway:
Allowing for some linguistic problems, however, this seems clear enough, unless the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will deny any of it:
Following the meeting, Johansen told the reporters that Norway decided to normalize its political and fund aids to the Palestinian people that would be presented through independent Finance Minister Salam Fayyad.

He also called on Israel to release frozen tax revenues to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), while Haniya thanked Oslo for its support.

Mr. Hohanson said that his country sees the political platform of unity government live up with the triple conditions of the international community and called it to deal with the unity gov't.
Well, that should make Salam Fayyad’s job slightly easier. As he himself has pointed out the Palestinian budget, in so far as it exists, is a considerable mess with no money left in the kitty and no evidence as to where it has all gone.

Mr Johansen (here described as Hohanson) might also like to explain to those of us less enlightened than himself and his government how are those triple conditions being met. After all, Hamas has not changed its article of faith that Israel must be destroyed. When Hamas (and, to a great extent, Fatah) refer to occupied territory they mean the whole of Israel.

North concludes by quoting extensively from
an article that was published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Its author, Khaled Abu Toameh, himself as his name implies, a Palestinian, is the Palestinian Affairs Editor of the Jerusalem Post and a very knowledgeable commentator on matters Middle Eastern.

He seems to think that five European countries are prepared to do business (rather a one-way business that would be) with the new “unity” government. He, further, points out that the statements made by both Hamas and Fatah are far too equivocal to amount to show any intention of living up to the “triple conditions of the international community”.

I urge you to read the whole thing.

Why do the names Mussolini and Quisling come to mind?


Freedom Fighter said...

Hello, Canker,
How are you? I hope you and yours are well..

You might find this bit interesting.

The Palestinians are far from broke:

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Are the Palestinians really broke? Hardly.

This is something I took a look at a year ago.

As you'll see, the Fatah controlled Palestine Investment Fund alone had a value -then, when I wrote the piece- of $1.4 Billion USD, not to mention the other aid they've received from the Arabs.

All Best,

Canker said...

good to hear from you. We are well, I hope that you and yours are also.

I've read your latest post and it seems that the Palestinians still have substantial resources.
Nevertheless, as I'm sure you agree, that's no reason for the EU to resume its lavish funding of another terror state.

Freedom Fighter said...

Exactly, Canker! The point I'm making is that, aside from the fact that it's immoral to fund these killers,it's also unnecessary since they have billions squirreled away, and a giant con game to present the Palestinians as a `humanitarian' cause.

Fred Marshall said...

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