Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BBC: sustaining the image of class warfare

Here's an article supposedly about faith schools from the Beeb. Let's look at the lead:
Faith schools get competitive
School playground
Competition could raise standards - and widen social divisions
Faith schools which operate their own admissions get better results when they have competition, research suggests.

An institute at the London School of Economics has published a study of school choice, using a sample of 200,000 pupils in England.

Faith schools - outside local authority control - were compared with community schools to measure the impact of parental choice.

Where did that caption come from? Is it just standard BBC kneejerk? No, here's the quote , from about half way down:
The research is published as the ATL teachers' union attacks faith schools for a lack of accountability - and calls for them not to "discriminate" in their admissions process.

God, I hate it! The constant knocking of what the left doesn't like. The trotting out of the standard attacks on education (oh ,sorry, I mean divisive education). The self-satisifed relegation of a significant proportion of the UK population to an underclass simply to satisfy some Fabian agenda. The complete lack of concern for the academically able in favour of what? A vicious, anti-education, beer-swilling, soap-watching, self-reinforcing anti-culture.

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