Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Melanie Phillips-speech

Here's a link to a rather good speech by Melanie Phillips. Here's a nice section:

There is a persistent refusal to accept that we are in the throes of a holy war waged upon the western world for more than 25 years without our even recognising it because it doesn’t fit our definition of war. It is a world war being fought in many disparate theatres with many proximate causes, but all with one single coherent aim: to defeat western civilisation, establish Islam as the dominant power in the world and restore the medieval Islamic caliphate.

We can see the outcome: in the daily violence in the French suburbs, sanitised by the French government but described by French police as a permanent intifada; in the similar violence in Belgium; in the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands and the terrorisation of Dutch politicians who speak out; or in the global riots, kidnappings and murders after the re-publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Yet little of this is reported, and when it is, it is generally presented as the fault of those being terrorised. Thus the French riots are blamed on French prejudice towards immigrants; the cartoon riots on media insensitivity towards Muslim feelings; and moves by the ultra-liberal Dutch or the Danes to ban the burqua or restrict immigration as racism or xenophobia.


nazar said...

I was once watching a liberal author trying to explain why only liberals can win the war on terror. He even wrote a book about it. I found it hilarious that he can say that when most liberals(and also many of those in the center) don't even recognize there is such a war going on.

But don't worry, people are waking up. The Islamists' problem is that they overplay their hands. The cartoon riots are a perfect example. Although most of the media was complicit in the self-censorship, what you would find is that people on the streets started to get fed up after the first month of Islamist riots.

Canker said...

Delighted to have you stop by.

I think things are getting a little better. The problem is that it's a bit of a race: between the extremist manipulators of Western tolerance and the death of that tolerance. And even if the `death of tolerance' wins, we've lost something quite precious.