Sunday, July 08, 2007

A son of the manse or a son of a ...?

Did I say Brown was a liar?
I did!

Here's a quote which might help (Christopher Booker's column in the Telegraph):
One of Mr Brown's excuses for not having a referendum was that the new treaty doesn't give away as many powers as Maastricht, on which there was no referendum, But up then pops his new Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, to blurt out that it in fact gives away much more power than Maastricht...

As the think-tank Open Europe and others have pointed out, it is truly astonishing that Mr Brown should begin his premiership, while promising to be "open" with the British people, with a deceit so shameless as to make his predecessor look like an honest man.

When one reads this sort of thing, I suppose one should learn not to be surprised by all the lying about AGW, but I still am.

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