Saturday, July 07, 2007

A gnat's chuff of difference

I just logged in with some trepidation to see the popular comments on the BBC's website on the Live Earth concerts.
I was pleasantly surprised. People are not as stupid as politicians like to believe.
Here are the first few (most recommended) comments:

I have serious doubts as to whether man (and women !) are having such am impact on the environment through carbon emissions as we are led to believe.

The Earth goes through natural climatic cycles - that's why we've had ice ages in the past and we don't have one now. How else do we explain things like isostatic readjustment ? (increasing obesity causing the over populated south to dip ? Maybe !)

I'd like to see a more balanced debate, rather than bandwagons. And global initiatives.

[CeeofGee], Oxford, United Kingdom

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If global warming is a natural phenomenon, does that still make it okay to pollute the planet? If the scientists are wrong, does that mean we should stop recycling? I think we all have a responsibility to make positive changes whether global warming is our fault or not.

Darren, Leicester

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The main problem with the climate change debate is there is no data older than 250 years to compare the current "warming" with, however polar ice samples suggest warming and cooling has been going on for thousands of years, which would suggest that climate change is a more natural occurance than the greens and the Government want us to believe. "Climate Change" cannot be blamed on humans alone on only 250 years of data.

Chris E, Norwich, United Kingdom

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I will not be changing my lifestyle one iota, it won't make a difference as the whole Global Warming thing is a scam dreamed up by enviro-fascists and the government. If they want to live in a cave, fine, but don't expect me to adopt their holier-than-thou attitudes. It's called the SUN, and piddling about on this dirtball is not going to make a gnats chuff of difference to the climate.

Steven Thompson, Ayr

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This is less of a distrust of Climate change in particular but more a general distrust of Government. People believe that the Government are simply using Climate Change as a way to impose more stealth taxes. The Govt also seem to allow big business to sell products that are clearly damaging to the environment, whilst criticising and taxing the public for buying them (witness the debate around "chelsea Tractors"). Until such issues are resolved the public will remain sceptical

Jon G, Nottingham, United Kingdom

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The BBC has closed down all significant debate with regards to Global Warming - this forum is just window dressing.

I would like to see some of the worlds leading MMGW Heretics given the same prominence as the High Priests of MMGW on the BBC.

What are you afraid of?

The debate or the actual truth?

Righty Rightwing

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