Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two interesting posts

The ever-reliable EU Referendum has two interesting posts.
First is "futuritis" in which Dr North discusses the weird attitude of the E U and most of the UK's senior military to the current war(s).
Here's the peroration (which neatly sums up the terrible danger of this attitude):
Thus there seems to be a collective determination to avoid thinking about what is, ignoring the real and present danger, in order to focus on the much more entertaining and rewarding task of writing "Capability Development Plans", to deal with hypothetical wars of the future, against mythical foes in far off lands which, as yet, do not exist.

So we lose this war, but hey! We can always win the next one!

Next up is a post about Ed Husain: who has recently published The Islamist.
Here'sa quote from his article from which Helen Szamuely quotes:
Second, we need to realise that Muslim communities recognise the extremists in their midst long before they show up on the radar of our intelligence services. We observe their condemnatory rhetoric, rejection of mainstream mosques, sudden change in dress code. Yet whenmoderate Muslims seek to complain, they are told that nothing can be done because of "freedom of speech". It's time we got real about ho libearl we're prepared to be. Preventing terrorism is a civic duty, just as preventing murder and rape is, but we need to facilitate that process.

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