Friday, June 29, 2007

End of the (academic) year

Here I sit, glass of wine in hand, contemplating the end of term. Graduates classified; firsts awarded, fails regretfully announced, cheers audited, groans heard; students comforted, encouraged, consoled, congratulated, mopped-up, dressed-down, dried-off, dried-out, calmed down, geed up, praised, primped and pruned.
Next year, the same again.

Meanwhile, Brown is finally in, the world has not ended, but the worst is yet to come. Another liar and a cheat running the UK. We move on from Blair- who tried to be `nothing to all men' to Brown- who is the second-greatest purveyor of `the big lie' the world has known.

Sometimes I don't know why I love the place. Or the people.

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