Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tagged-but no ankle bracelet

I've been electronically tagged by Joshuapundit. No electronic bracelet, but I have to reveal eight things about myself (I would say random, but as a probabilist I can't use that word in the vernacular sense) then I have to tag eight others (there's the hard bit).
The rules (courtesy of Joshuapundit):
  1. I have to let you know who tagged me.
  2. I'll need to list 8 facts or habits about myself that you might not otherwise know.
  3. I have to tag another 8 people and leave comments on their sites letting them know that they've been tagged, so they can likewise make the requisite revelations.
  4. I have to reproduce these rules.

OK, the facts:
  1. I practise Tae Kwon Do (ITF version). I'm currently training for my second dan and it hurts.
  2. I'm not a citizen of the UK - although I am a long-term, resident Anglophile.
  3. I gave up smoking two years ago and that hurts, too.
  4. I like cooking, but have not the slightest interest in writing about it.
  5. I never liked team sports. But I'm perfectly happy for you to like them.
  6. Nevertheless, I love collaborating. I'd much rather write a paper with a colleague than the same one on my own.
  7. I find the world a very frightening place without the protection of tobacco (does that count, or is it merely a repetition of (3)?).
  8. I don't have a television, as I really didn't want my children to be enslaved by it.

Now for the others:
  1. The Dissident Frogman
  2. One Hand Clapping
  3. The Unoriginal Muse
  4. Dodgeblogium
  5. New Nationalist
  6. The Jawa Report
  7. Classical Values
  8. Spiced Sass
That was hard, and now I have to ask them all!

Here's a list of antecedents from the co-tagged Kobayashi Maru.


the dissident frogman said...

Ok, I'm obviously a bit slow, but I have to ask: did you indeed "tag" me? I don't believe I've seen the notice in my comments.

Clovis Sangrail said...

Probably not as slow as me. I thought I did (tag you) but perhaps I failed. If so, please accept my apologies.