Saturday, July 14, 2007

Have you thought of a career as a doctor?

How are you feeling?

How are you feeling today?

Fast car, DVD,
Good education, good degree.

Little struggle, less love,
Bird is flown, heavenly dove.

Where did it come from, all this glitz?
Newton, Weishaupt, Hume, Leibnitz

Broadband connection, MP3
Gangsta rappin', MTV

Food is provided, day by day,
Your life's purpose taken away.

You got it, that whole ball of wax,
Go on, smash it, use an axe.

God-shaped hole in your life,
Fill it with death and blood and strife.

Good grievance and good hate,
Who's here to obliterate?

Man is an animal, sure enough,
You be a tiger, really rough.

There's some pain, in your head.
World's impure, s'better dead

Meaning lost, mystery gone,
Suicide belt and nail bomb.

If your life feels empty, have you thought
Of a career as a doctor?

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