Monday, December 04, 2006

You will love Big Brother!

How wonderful that Tony Blair continues to desecrate the legacy of his namesake, Eric! Apparently, according to EU Referendum, he's ordering an enormous... I was going to say propaganda, but I truly think this qualifies as disinformation...blitz in favour of the EU.
include banning ministers and officials from referring to unpopular EU institutions like the European Commission, places such as Brussels and Strasbourg, the euro currency, terms like "Eurocrat" and "EU directive" and controversial policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy and the EU constitution. The ban would also extend, it would seem, to avoiding any mention of inconvenient facts, such as the EU requiring the UK to approve GM trials.

Instead ministers and officals have been ordered to try to promote the "EU brand" by linking to popular European events and institutions such as the Eurovision song contest, the Cannes Film Festival and the UEFA soccer organisation that runs the Champions League tournament - even though none of them has anything to do with the EU.
If the BBC had any guts and spark, their interviewers would spend a lot of effort in getting ministers to break these strictures. However, as EU Referndum has repeatedly pointed out, most of them don't have any idea what's going on anyway.

I see the boot coming down, I'd just never realised it was going to be a gold open-toed one.

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