Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A word to the wise

So, the German Protestant Church(es) have something to say about Islam, and it's not entirely welcoming:
If a Muslim applicant for a training activity wants to wear a head cloth at public schools with reference to freedom of religion in the service, this behavior justifies doubts about her suitability — in view of the meaning of the head cloth in Islam — as a teacher in a national school.

There's a lot more.

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Yorkshireminer said...

Kristne og muslimer tror ikke på den samme Gud

Islamkritisk Netværk i Folkekirken er et løst organiseret netværk, der ser det som sit formål at studere og kritisere islam. Netværket, som blev dannet i forsommeren 2006, har som sit udgangspunkt, at kristne og muslimer ikke tror på den samme Gud. Den kristne tror på Gud som fader til Jesus Kristus, den treenige Gud. Muslimen derimod bekender sig til Muhammeds Allah som skænker af bogen Koranen. Forskellen markeres tydeligt i Koranen (9.30), der indeholder en forbandelse af den, der bekender sig til Kristus som Guds søn.

Christians and Muslims do not believe in the Same God

The Islam critical network in the people church is a lose orginised network whose aim is to study and critise Islam. The network was formed in the spring of 2006 and states that Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God. The Christians believe that God is the father of Jesus, the trinity. Muslims only accept Muhammeds Allah who gave them the Koran. The difference is clearly shown in the Koran (9.30) that contains the curse on those who accept Christ as the son of God.

This is a translation of the aims of a Church groupe website in Denmark, as you can see they don't mince their words. The Danes have been leading the pack for a long time, the problem is that they have dropped beneath the worlds political radar since the Cartoon row. There were some quiet violent riots in Copenhagen last weekend and 230 people were arrested and CHARGED. It wasn't the followers of the religion of peace this time it was over a type of students house that the council had sold and they were trying to get the students out. It didn't stop the followers of the religion of peace starting some subsidiary riots, in Bronshoj and Ishoj but it has all calmed down now. Since the cartoon riots the police do not bugger around. I don't know if you know but there was a honour killing in southern Denmark last year. The younger son of the family killed his sister who had dishonoured the family honour by marrying an Afghan, personally I can't blame them, being underage they expected him to get off with a juvenile sentence. The police arrested the whole family charged them and put the lot in jail, as Punch out of Punch and Judy shows used to say “Thats the way to do it” The translation by the way might not capture the fine nuances but it captures the meaning. If you are wondering why a Yorkshire Miner can speak and translate Danish, the answer is that I lived and worked in Denmark for many years and studied the humanities at Roskilde University. By the way you shouldn't be impressed by people who speak many languages, remember what dear Oscar Wilde had to say on the subject “ People who can speak many languages usually have very little to say in any of them”. People are more impressed with mathematicians it still has a mystic and magic about it , unfortunately most people are so innumerate that if you mentioned Napier's Bones to them they would think it was a skeleton in the British Museum, instead of an earlier form of the guessing stick (slide rule). I have still got my old Aristo in the desk draw, I lusted after a German Faber Casel, but an apprentices wages didn't quiet stretch that far in those days. It is a great pity that people are so ignorant of maths for it has a cold elegant beauty. Anyway enough wordage for today

Deep regards

Yorkshire Miner.