Thursday, December 14, 2006

Benighted, Biased, Cretins?

Just a quick reality check.

The BBC is based in the UK, yes?
The established religion in the UK is Christianity, yes?
The Old Testament is part of the Christian Bible, yes?
In it, we get the story of Abraham and Isaac, yes?
So where does this stuff about
"the Festival of Sacrifice, marking the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to"

come from?
It's all a `light-hearted' story of camel-sacrifice at Turkish Airlines; done with a stock picture of a camel and a caption:`Some say camel meat tastes like 'coarse beef'.
It's the (now usual) carelessness we've come to expect from the Beeb. No context. No `this is the Muslim version of the Christian/Jewish Abraham'. Probably they didn't know. They certainly couldn't be bothered to check.

Like their inability to interrogate climate scientists on air (`one of our models predicted ice melt at the pole by 2050' translated without query into `prediction: no ice at North Pole by 2050'). Speaking as a scientist (sort of) , I find the lack of care and integrity by the scientists only matched by the lack of care and integrity by the journalists.


Freedom Fighter said...

Not bad, well done Canker! Obviously, the BBC is in full dhimmi mode.

I prefer to do a takeoff on the colloquial `Beeb; and simply refer to the BBC as `the Boob'an Americanism for a person of dubious intelligence.

Happy weekend!

Canker said...

Thanks. This was particularly striking.