Sunday, December 10, 2006

A very good speech

I shan't say much else. Here's a link to Gates of Vienna which has most of Senator Santorum's farewell speech. Here's a little snippet:
...Our troops in Iraq are being killed by Iranian weapons today paid for with Iranian money smuggled into Iraq by Iranian logistics and utilized by Iranian-trained terrorists.

A couple of years ago you needed a security clearance to know this. Now, if you care to know, if you want to know this uncomfortable truth about Iran, you can know it. Iran is the centerpiece in the assault against us and other countries in the civilized world, which is why I fought so hard for passage of the Iran Freedom and Support Act...

I'm always stunned by the wilful ignorance of such things by my peers, but worse still is the suggestion that we (the US and UK) negot
iate with these people about Iraq. It leaves me stunned.
The oh so sophisticated `realistic approach' leaves me openmouthed.

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