Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wonders will never cease

I suppose it is no surprise that it takes someone who grew up under communist rule to spot the fingers itching for the feel of the levers of power amongst the environmentalists: nevertheless, Vaclav Klaus speaks more sense in his response to the American Congressional committee on energy and commerce than any three UK politicians in the past decade.
Try this:
It becomes evident that while discussing climate we are not witnessing a clash of views about the environment but a clash of views about human freedom;

or this
...policymakers should under all circumstances stick to the principles free society is based on, that they should not transfer the right to choose and decide from the people to any advocacy group claiming that it knows better than the rest of the people what is good for them. Policymakers should protect taxpayers’ money and avoid wasting it on doubtful projects which cannot bring positive results.

or this
I warn against adopting regulations based on the so- called precautionary principle which the environmentalists use to justify their recommendations, the clear benefit of which they are not able to prove. Responsible politics should take into account the opportunity costs of such proposals and be aware of the fact that the wasteful environmentalist policies are adopted to the detriment of other policies, thus neglecting many other important needs of millions of people all over the world;

or this
The developing countries will be forced to accept irrational targets and limitations because “earth is first” and their needs are secondary. The environmentalist argumentation gives ammunition to protectionists of all colors who try to eliminate competition coming from newly industrialized countries.

or this
My recommendation ... is ... to protect and foster fundamental systemic factors without which the economy and society cannot operate efficiently – i.e. to guarantee human freedom and basic economic principles such as the free market, a functioning price system and clearly defined ownership rights. They motivate economic agents to behave rationally. Without them, no policies can protect either the citizens or the environment.

To which I say hoo-bloody-ray.


Freedom Fighter said...

Well, finally chose to grace us with your presence again! ( LOL)

Seriously, good to have you back.


Canker said...

It's (fairly) good to be back. I'll probably be posting less but will try to say something sensible.