Friday, June 29, 2007

Not forgetting the basilisk

We were six
(Not forgetting the basilisk).

How did he join us?
Hedgehog says we asked him,
Badger says he just came.
Basilisk says he flew
On the wings of the injustice
Our forefathers
Did to his.

We five voted,
The day he looked at fox
With his special look.
Badger said `go',
Hedgehog said `stay'
And Basilisk got three votes,
Because of the vote denied his father.

After he ate Hedghog,
Basilisk said
That his practices
Were not to be criticised.

`They are' he said,
`The result of profound
Cultural differences,
Not to be comprehended
By stupid woodland creatures'.

We were four
(Not forgetting the basilisk),
when he gutted Badger.
`A slip of the claw'
He said. ` A reflex.
The cockatrice coughs like Badger,
And she's a dangerous beast.'

We were three
(Not forgetting the basilisk),
before he froze Snake.
`Nasty stripy thing'
said Basilisk.
`Trying to be me
And failing.
At the end,
The stones cried out
When she slithered.
Best she was gone'
said Basilisk.

We were two
(not forgetting the basilisk),
when I started this.


Freedom Fighter said...

Hello, Canker.

This is one of the best things I seen you do.

I'm linking to it.

All Best, and watch out for those green Jeep Cherokees,


Canker said...

Thanks very much. I'm glad you liked it.

Lao said...


Kulhwch said...

Really very good. Inspirational, even. Thanks for sharing it.