Sunday, February 11, 2007

North Korea talks doing well?

The talks between North Korea and the five nations are proceeding apace. The exciting possibility is that the DPRK will go the way of Libya and denuclearise in exchange for substantial aid. The latest news is slightly lukewarm, but still relatively optimistic. Nevertheless, I think this is shaping up to be another triumph for `assertive diplomacy'.
Now, to see what the real problem is, I recommend that you go to the readers' comments on the BBC website here. It's very easy to see the deleterious effect of moral relativism (post modernism, if you prefer). Here is a quotation:
Why should North Korea not have nuclear weapons. We have them, the Americans have them, Israel has them, India has them. Its double standards.

Here's another:
This doesn't scare me any more than the fact that the USA, the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons against another country, has the same capability.

And a third:
I agree, Why should a handful of countries with nuclear power "dictate" to other countries on whether they are or are not allowed to have nuclear weapons. It has given America, uk and Israel power and influence, why should other countires not have it to protect themselves? It is wrong for ALL countries to have it, maybe countires like NK wouldnt have done this had America, UK and Israel not used the fact they have it to bully the world to do things the way they want.

One is left certain that a culture which encourages such negative views about itself is in severe danger. Of course, I say negative views, because these are what are implied when your moral relativism equates your own country with the DPRK, a country which is a hereditary dictatorship, where experiments are carried out on people involuntarily, where foreign nationals are kidnapped to make films for the Dear Leader and so on.


Anonymous said...

Canker, Re Your quotes - Those people actually scare me when I think about it.

1. And their point is what exactly?

2. Well it ought to - and the fact that it doesn’t shows that they don’t come within a mile of grasping the situation.

3. Hello! Pleeease - Wake up and smell the coffee!

Phil A

Canker said...

They scare me too. These attitudes are the reason why I think Western civilization is in real danger. If we all had some faith in our culture (shared across the West and individually) North Korea and militant Islamism would not be big threats. Contararily, without a large enough percentage believing in it, our civilization is very shaky.