Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sudan - the UN's shame

TCS Daily gives some news on Sudan:
"But Sudan seems intent on accelerating the massacre in Darfur: the government has actually proposed that the African Union troops depart when their mandate expires, to be replaced by 10,000 troops from the same Sudanese army that created the Janjaweed in the first place. Thus is set in place the most massive calculated campaign of slaughter, rape, and displacement since the Rwandan genocide (a slaughter that itself could have been mitigated had the then-head of UN peacekeeping, one Kofi Annan, not hamstrung General Roméo Dallaire, commander of the blue helmets in the benighted Central African country). By best estimates, at least 250,000 men, women, and children have already been killed in Darfur. At least another 2.5 million people whose homes have been destroyed have taken shelter in miserable camps partially under the watch of the African Union military that will be withdrawing. In these places -- when they are not attacked by Janjaweed -- they die from disease and slow starvation as they await mass annihilation after the African Union troops leave. As for other volunteer assistants, the murder of an aid worker with the International Red Cross -- the first ICRC staff member to meet that fate in Darfur -- sends a not-too-subtle message about the fate Bashir and his cohorts have in mind for humanitarian workers."

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