Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our politicians are cheating, lying bastards

Our politicians are cheating, lying bastards and the only reason we don't vote them out of office is that we're sure the others are just as bad.

See, see Alan Johnson, the Education secretary, ranting about how we do down the youngsters of today when their grades are improving. See, see the York University Electronics Department report a drop in average marks on their introductory Maths tests (same bank of multiple choice questions): 78% in 1985 to 42% in 2000.

Hear, hear the constant sniping at private schools and selectivity, enunciated most often by privately educated, Islington dwelling `egalitarians' who send their children to private school or can afford to move into the catchment area of the best state schools.

See, see them hand control of the National Curriculum to a bunch of agenda driven bureaucrats (30 members on the panel for Maths: 1 teacher, 1 lecturer, 28 civil servants). I'm sorry, that should be `QCA develops the national curriculum, which defines the knowledge, understanding and skills to which children and young people are entitled. It is kept under review, to evaluate its appropriateness and relevance to the changing needs of learners and society'. I'm sorry? Children and young people are entitled to skills? Not `entitled to have people attempt to teach them skills' but just `entitled to skills'. Where did the hard work go? Where did the constant, ceaseless, tiring repetition which any aspiring sportsman would endure, go? Where did the fucking diligence necessary to acquire any skill-even nose-picking-go? What happened to constant practice? What kind of lying cheating bastards have we got for our bureaucrats? More sodding politicians by the sounds of it.

One minute they claim we are the closest allies the US have and to support Israel in its defense against Hisbollah and then this. They think we're so stupid. Come to think of it, we are, otherwise why do we tolerate them?

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